Seduce Me The Otome Wikia

An "alternate world" where demons reside. The current leader (dependent on the game) is the Demon Lord. He is the father of the five boys. (James, Erik, Sam, Matthew, and Damien)

Not to be confused with "Hell".

The home of the five incubi brothers- Raestrao (James), Uzaeris (Erik), Aomaris (Sam), Zecaeru (Matthew), and Izroul (Damien) - who are the sons of the Demon Lord. In "Seduce Me the Otome", you are able to see the Abyssal Plains in the chaos ending and through flashbacks. In “Seduce Me 2: The Demon War”, the main events of the game take place in the Abyssal Plains. With the man you choose you will have to help Diana and save the DEMON WORLD (aka Abyssal Plains.