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Aezera is one of the six succubus wives of the Demon Lord, and the mother of Matthew. She is the major antagonist in Matthew's Route in Seduce Me 2: The Demon War.


She has a similar appearance to her son, with jet black hair, fair skin, and ocean blue eyes. She has a petite and lean frame, with blue, flame-like body patterns and small horns.


She is a jealous and spiteful demon. Matthew mentioned in the Seduce Me: The Otome that she often cried out of jealousy because of her husband's infidelity. She also desires power and wants her son to take the throne as the Demon King. Aezera is shown to have an unhealthy and controlling relationship with Matthew, by projecting her desires onto and manipulating him.



Aezera has the power to produce blue energy that can be transferred through objects. She is skilled with powerful magic, which is powerful enough to incapacitate the Demon Lord. She also has the ability to absorb energy, as seen when she absorbs her husband's energy when trying to save Matthew.

She has the ability of forms of mind possession, seen when she forces Mika to call herself an "army slut."

Assuming that she and Matthew are the same type of Demon, she requires sexual energy to function and can cast spells such as enthrallment which can influence her target to obey her will.


Matthew Anderson[]

She cares about Matthew deeply, in her own twisted way. She only wants the best for her son and believes that she knows what is best for Matthew. She attempts to control and manipulate him many times throughout Seduce Me 2.

Demon Lord[]

Aezera and the Demon Lord have an abusive relationship. She is used for the Demon Lord's sexual desires, as well as an energy source. The Demon Lord even confiscated her physical form. She used him to gain more power.


She does not approve of Diana's betrayal to the Demon Lord, however, she seems to approve of her as a spouse for Matthew when she confuses Diana as Matthew's fiancé.

Mika Anderson[]

Aezera finds the player distasteful. She treats you as inferior filth who does not deserve her son. Throughout the game, she manipulates the player through Matthew.