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"That's a pretty name. I'm glad to know it now." -Andrew to MC if they decide to follow him

Andrew Lewis is a love interest in the game Seduce Me: The Otome by Michaela Laws. He is first met in the housewarming party hosted by Mika and the Incubi and doesn't reappear unless the player follows his route. If the player does not pursue an Incubi or Diana, he will become the CEO of Anderson Family Toys.

Physical Appearance[]

Andrew has sleek dirty blonde hair that sweeps over his left eye, and comes down to about halfway down his neck in the back. His irises are a deep hazel-brown color, and his eye shape droops towards the sides of his face. He is usually drawn with a large smile or frown, allowing us to assume that his face is very expressive. His face shape appears to be rectangular, with a nice square jawline to match. His ears also seem to be larger than average in size.

When first introduced to him, we see Andrew in a standard tuxedo with a red sash around his waist (similar to Sam's). However, if you decide to take his route you are able to see him in his casual wear. In said casual attire, he can be seen wearing beige jeans with a black belt. He has a pale blue shirt that is only half tucked in (much to the annoyance of some) and a darker blue shirt atop it with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow.



Additional Information[]