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Burning Hot Love is an April Fool's Day prank, with the premise of dating a previously non-romanceable character, Malix.

Official Description[]

"He kidnapped me... but he had already stolen my heart a long time ago..."

To think I would EVER consider choosing anyone other than the hotter-than-flames Malix is beyond insanity. I must make him mine.

Can I?[1]


Burning Hot Love a joke Malix Dating Simulator, playfully poking fun at the idea of having a romantic relationship with Malix. However, underneath this joke is a more serious short story that takes place after the canon ending of Seduce Me 2.

In this, you play a human demon hunter, that hunts demons and devils for a living. You have been imprisoned by Sam, and are awaiting his judgement that decides your fate. In the cell next to you, you find Malix. After battling him, Sam captured him and sentenced him to daily torture.

The main character in this novel has brief conversations with Malix, trying to figure out how they got into that cell and who they were before their imprisonment. You can choose not to talk with Malix in the story, leading to Sam sentencing you to death.

If you converse with Malix, your character begins to develop feelings for him; getting more and more curious about his mystery. If you continue to choose dialogue options that favour romantic feelings towards him, Malix recognises your trust and uses you help him escape his cell. He makes you use Hell magic which, as you are not a devil, causes you to burst into flames. This confirms the sad truth that Malix was never destined to be a romanceable character.

There is no happy ending for the main character of this story.


  • Michaela has said in her stream that the crayon style was practice to see if she could make CGs from a potential incubus baby's perspective.