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Carrie is a side character that appears in Seduce Me 2: The Demon War. She's Sam's wife when the player chooses to play any route where Mika Anderson is not married to Sam.


Carrie is a short and thin woman. Her skin is fair, with dark green eyes and light, long brown hair with a white streak. She wears a light peach, flowey over shirt with a white under shirt with light-wash jeans and black flats.


Carrie is a sweet kitchen witch with a penchant for cooking. If she cooks or bakes for you, she loves you, just accept it! Don’t let her pretty appearance fool you, because if you piss her off you will feel her magical wrath–she’s a witch, after all! Apologies will be accepted though, especially if you have a cat or two.[1]



In James' route the player is informed that Carrie is a witch; a human that is allowed to know of magic and can wield Demon Magic and Holy Magic. She also has a tallent for reading tarrot cards and has access to the Demon Market, where she purchased the tarrot cards and a small bag that contains endless items and you can get one of these items just by thinking of it.