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The Demon Lord is the father of all Five Incubi brothers. He was a background character for Seduce me 1 and becomes the Main Antagonist in Seduce me 2



The Demon Lord is a full blooded Brute Demon making all the five incubi half brute demon. He married James' Mother and became royalty. He descended to madness as soon as he became King and got more greedy and married three other women. He set entire genocide on his own race making him one of the only two brute demons alive. He gained a harem filled with men and women for oral/sadistic pleasures. In this Harem of people was Damien's mother who was the only one who fought him this turned into a sadistic love and Damien's mom used a tactic and got pregnant. When Damien was born he was going to kill him however the other incubi begged him not to. When Damien's mother killed herself the Demon lord was going to kill him again but once again the other incubi convinced him not to and he doomed him to become a slave once James took the throne

Seduce me the otome[]

The Demon lord first appears in the flashback talking to an Imp Demon servant about a marriage deal with Diana and James. When the boys leave the human world Diana makes the deal to find the boys and get them back. However the Brute Demon took advantage of Diana's absence and decided to kill her parents and her unborn sister.

Seduce me 2 the demon war[]

The Demon lord drags Mika/Mc into the Demon World and sets a curse on her that if she wants to leave the Demon World she would have to die or to destroy the curse the demon lord would have to die near her. His plans differ on which route you chose.


Demon Lord doesn't play such a huge part in this route despite him being the villain it's mainly the Angels that Mika and James have to deal with.


The Demon Lord used Oribel to connect with Mika


Sam needed the Dragon's power in order to defeat the Demon lord


The Demon Lord and Aezera possess Matthew in order to find out Diana's plans in war and make Matthew the King of the Demon world


The Demon lord doesn't really plan anything in this route either like James and Sam the main focus was to become human


Asshat. - Sam.

Pilgarlic. - James

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