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Demons of Lilith, also referred to as succubi and incubi, are a race of demons that feed from energy. They are considered nobility in the Demon World.


Demons of Lilith are the blood children of the First Succubus, Lilith. Cast out from the safe haven of Eden for her defiance to the Heavens and to the Human World, Lilith became tainted with a special dark magic, cursed to bear it upon her skin and bear the punishment the Heavens gave to her for as long as she still held breath.

As her blood became unique to the demon world, however, she became the target of many demons wanting to breed and expand their legacies. In another act of defiance, she used her magic to forge a male demon with the same abilities and taint she had and bore children with him, creating the Incubi and Succubi (all under the race ‘Demons of Lilith’). Quickly, their kind spread, drawn by sexual and emotional energy and instinctively breeding for both energy and survival.

Soon enough, Demons of Lilith became the largest race of Demon-kind in the demon world. Only one family remains of pure-Lilith-blood, under the banner and walls of Castle Lilith, while other Demons of Lilith mixed their blood with other races.

The taint on their skin, however, had slowly become a symbol of pride and a weapon for Demons of Lilith to use in the demon world. The taint upon their skins not only shows what they are, but also protects them from physical attacks. If you were to lay with a Demon of Lilith, you would only feel their bare skin, as if they wore no such armor at all. However, harder than the strongest steels, the taint of Lilith grew from being a mark of punishment to natural armor that allowed them to fight without the encumbrance of actual armor.[1][2]

There’s a small myth in the demon world about the kingdom of Lilith: that every monarch who took the throne had a pure heart, untainted by magic.[3]


They need to consume sexual energy in order to survive, although food helps. They have special magical attributes they are born with. They are born with markings on their skin, a type of armor that allows them to be protected while allowing them to get energy any way they need to. They can use these markings to form wings with which to fly. No two succubi or incubi have an identical pattern of markings. They have horns which color matches their markings. Their horns have nerve endings.

Demons of Lilith are capable of transforming their bodies to change their sex at will.

Demons of Lilith are masters of emotion and therefore very empathetic.[4]

They are incapable of having allergies, as they use energy to maintain health.[5]


In demon society, the women are dominant. This is because when a succubus is pregnant, their baby requires massive amounts of energy from them. This great sacrifice makes the incubi give leadership to them as a gift.


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