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Erik is the second brother of the incubi. He is voiced by Christopher Escalante. He is the "obnoxious flirt" as James calls him. He is one of the pursue-able characters in Seduce Me the Otome and Seduce Me 2: The Demon War.


Erik is 5'11".[2] His hair is copper and his eyes are purple, with one always hidden by his hair. He wears a red dress shirt with a pink vest and brown slacks and dress shoes.


Erik is the "flirtatious" brother. He acts like a charmer and is quick to compliment any woman he meets. While he says he means every word, his attitude makes it seem like empty flattery, and he comes off as arrogant at the worst of times.

However, when he opens up it is revealed that he only acts like a flirt because he was raised to be one. The true Erik is much more honest and actually very romantic and charming, without the need for empty compliments.


Pre-Seduce Me[]

Before his brothers and he ventured into the human world together, his mother trained Erik on how to flirt with women. She believed that by pleasing and serving women, Erik could convince them to fully give him their energy. Erik is revealed to hide his feelings and dislike of using women like this from his mother.

Seduce Me the Otome[]

Erik's Route

After Sam kisses Mika, Erik flirts and kisses Mika in order to prove that they are incubus. He flirts with Mika later that night at dinner, giving the option for Mika to smack him or be cool. The next day he helps her prepare for her housewarming party by cleaning the dining room. While cleaning he catches Mika when she falls. Erik checks Mika's ankle to make sure they aren't hurt. After the dinner party, Erik catches Mika when Malix attacks.

If the player is going through his route properly the next day Mika has the option of finding Erik in the garden. He tells her about life was like back in the castle. As she notices he needs energy, he doesn't clarify, nor deny that he needs it before she kisses him, giving him her energy.

Mika then passes out after a heated makeout session and later on wakes up to a written note by Erik, excusing himself for "going too far" when they kissed.

The morning after, Erik confronts Mika, explaining that his real name is Uzaeris and that if she was in any danger, that she could call out that name and that he'd arrive without question to aid her.

When Eris and Malix kidnap Mika and take her to an abandoned warehouse, Mika is given the option to call out Erik 's real name. She calls out for Uzaeris and soon enough he appears, already furious about Malix targeting her.

Afterward, Malix's remains were covered by a sheet soaked with blood. At home Erik tries to excuse himself for what he did at the warehouse before Mika cuts him off, telling him that it was okay before he brings her to her bedroom.

The night after, Diana - a pureblooded succubus - makes her entrance in the game, introducing herself to Mika before disappearing in the night just to reappear in the morning.

That day at school, the succubus appears at Mika's school, pretending to be one of the teachers throughout the day. When Mika gets back home, all the incubi brothers assemble in her room and show her a vision of the demon world, revealing a scene of the Demon Lord and an imp servant discussing an arranged marriage with a powerful succubus (Diana) and then show her another scene of them as children playing and teasing each other before being told off by their father. The last vision that is shown to her is when all five of them decide and agree on leaving the demon world for good after finding out about the supposed marriage that is set to occur.

Mika then goes to sleep in order to regain her energy after Damien takes too much of her energy by showing her their past, and eventually wakes up to Erik, who greets her by expressing guilt for putting her in danger of devils and a succubus and also for taking her energy before. Mika asks to see his past, which he shows to her using the flower he used earlier.

Erik reveals they were once noble and that he was brought up and trained by his mothers floating orb spirit. A scene of him in his demon form plays out in the throne room. Erik flirting with, Tiffy, who has blue hair and pointy cat ears. After Tiffy leaves, Erik's flirtatious expression changes dramatically to "Damian  cold." Afterward, his mother compliments his flirting and advises him to keep wooing Tiffy until he can use all of her energy. His mother believed that Erik by pleasing and serving women, he could convince them to fully give him their energy.

As it's night time, Erik tells her to sleep before wandering off downstairs to make dinner. Mika hears Diana's chuckles from a distance which instantly makes her feel nervous and influences her to get out of bed to see what's happening.

While Mika is peeking in at a scene between Diana and Erik unfolding in the bathroom, she overhears the succubus offer him the gift of being the next Demon Lord, of which he refuses. When Mika barges in and lashes out at Diana after she badmouths her, she declares her love for Erik, surprising both of the demons.

After her confession, Erik also lets her in on his feelings, revealing that he reciprocates them.

Defeated, Diana leaves through a purple portal, leaving Erik and Mika alone in their own company. The character is presented with two options, one being "Kiss his cheek, where they kiss for a long time and "Caress his cheek." The next options given are "Hold me" which Erik and Mika cuddle in bed, and "Seduce Me" in which they have sex for the first time.

True Ending R

Diana visits that night and offers eternal happiness.  At the end of Erik's route, months or even years after Seduce Me The Otome takes place, we're given a scene with Erik in the garden. Erik asks her if she can still love him, before she reassures him of her love, that he doesn't need to change for her and that he isn't a "brute" or a "monster" as he was called in the demon world and they kiss in the moonlight.

Seduce Me Episode: My Princess[]

Erik takes Mika on a date to a demon celebration and asks her to marry him.

Seduce Me 2: The Demon War[]

Erik's Route[]

True Ending[]
Bad Ending 1[]
Bad Ending 2[]


Erik's unique ability is entering and manipulating dreams, as well as summoning purple ethereal tendrils.

Apart from speaking English, he speaks Italian. He plays the piano/harpsichord, and enjoys playing piano and writing music in his spare time.

He can be summoned when someone calls his demon name, Uzaeris, despite not being nearby.

Additional Information[]

He Favors/Prefers:[]

  • Color: Red
  • Genre of Music: R&B
  • Instrument: Piano (plays it canonically)
  • Season: Summer
  • Adult Drink: Cosmo
  • Pet: Ferrets and Cats (between a cat or a dog)
  • Dog: Beagle
  • Games: Visual Novels
  • Holiday: Valentine's Day
  • Candy Types: Chocolate Mint
  • Desserts/Sweets: Cheesecake and Chocolate Mint Ice Cream
  • Tea or Coffee: Tea
  • Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
  • DC or Marvel: Neither
  • Carnival Ride: Teacups
  • Disney Movie: Cinderella
  • Studio Ghibli Movie: Spirited Away
  • Pizza Topping: Extra Cheese, Light Sauce
  • Food: Italian (same as his brothers)
  • Shares Room With: James
  • Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
  • Smell: Subtly of Roses
  • Second Language: French or Italian
  • Sleeping Position: On his stomach
  • Pet Peeve: Rude Commentary
  • Hogwarts House: Slytherin[3][4]

For the Lovers:[]

He prefers his lover to be bashful but not entirely shy. His favorite part of the female body is the waist and his favorite position to have sex in is cowgirl. His erogenous zone is right behind his ears. He is also into aural play (moans and screams are his major turn on). The most ridiculous place he would have sex in would be an elevator.


  • He likes Star Wars. It is shown in one of Christopher Escalante's vines.
  • To hide something from Damien's mind-reading, he would think of Moonlight Sonata loudly in his head.
  • For the boys who can't write (Sam and Damien), he wrote the apology note to Mika after they both kissed her and she passed out.
  • He has been to Italy, Germany, France, England, Japan, Taiwan, and Brazil with his brothers, before meeting Mika.
  • Of the brothers, he has the softest hands.