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Iridessa is a side character that appears in Seduce Me 2: The Demon War. She's James's wife when the player chooses to play any route where Mika Anderson is not married to James.



Smiles and laughs easily, light-hearted and friendly, very polite. A bit shy and quiet, but more out-going with those she’s comfortable with (teasing and playful with friends – probably would call them “nerds” or something and tease them about their partners because they’re all head over heels). Can be sarcastic and witty, snarky depending on how she’s feeling–specifically if she’s a bit cranky-tired (which might result in her being a bit short and easily annoyed until she eats/wakes up more/calms down). Can get nervous and worries pretty easily, very conscious of those around her and worried about how others think of her though she doesn’t like to admit it. Much more confident when she’s with friends or at that point of tired where she doesn’t give a damn. Level-headed and chill for the most part, hot-headed when she’s truly angry (which doesn’t happen often). Immensely protective of those she cares for and can be stubborn, though she’s not a fan of conflict and doesn’t want to hurt other’s feelings. Flustered easily when caught off-guard, like if a stranger were to compliment her or if she were surprised by something/someone.)[1]