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I will not let you touch her again! - James to the Angels

James is the first born of the incubi brothers and is voiced by Bradley Gareth. He is also the CEO of the Anderson Toy Company after taking over for Mika at the end of Seduce Me the Otome.


James has short black hair and eyes that are frequently referred to as "amber" or "whiskey" colored. He stands at 6'0 tall.[2] In the first game, he wears a grey blazer with red accents and a fitted white dress shirt. In the second game, the blazer is switched out for a simple grey pullover sweater. He wears black slacks and dress shoes.


As the eldest brother, James is the most level-headed and responsible of his brothers; he acts as their leader and, at times, even nags them like a mother would. This is due to the fact that, being the eldest, he was the next in line to be the Demon Lord, and so because of this James had to undergo and endure heavy training and studies as preparation for his role. He boasts many talents, from gardening to cooking, as well as fighting - as seen when he defeats Malix (if chosen by the player) in SM1.

James can be described as perhaps the most well-mannered of the brothers, again due to his preparation as the Demon Lord in the demon realm. Gentlemanly, he values knowledge, etiquette, and a certain degree of grace and elegance as demonstrated by his use of formal language at times, precise articulation and pronunciation, and a somewhat authoritarian tone. He respects his brothers and Mika, understanding when they require space and privacy, and is perhaps one of the most logical and calm in stressful situations or emergencies. He'd rather use his wealth of knowledge and the power of words than resort to violence, but it's also important to note that he is not afraid to turn to violence if need be.

Prior to life in the human world, James was very much under his father's rule and expectations. He was afraid of angering his father, remaining closed off and docile to him, whilst restraining himself around his brothers when having fun. All he desired was to spend more time with his brothers and the freedom to choose to do as he wished. His brothers and himself however, knew that James' wishes would not be met in the demon realm, thus they began their journey to the human world, where James, although stressed from the occurrence of Malix, gained the freedom and time he desired.


James was a demon prince betrothed to Diana before he left to the human world. A former demon Prince, he was next in line to the Demon throne until his arrival and continued stay in the human world (SM1). James spent most of his childhood training and grooming to eventually become the next Demon Lord. This training and grooming led to him becoming extremely unhealthy and tired. If the player plays James' route in Seduce Me One, Mika's thoughts on the way he looked makes the MC very sad.

Pre-Seduce Me[]

He was betrothed to Diana before leaving with his younger brothers. Heir to the Demon throne and next in line, James underwent vigorous training and studying everyday, away and separated from his much loved brothers. He would often get upset at the expectations pinned on him and the lack of time he had to spend with his brothers. The Demon King agreed to a marriage for strategic advantage between James and Diana, a hugely powerful succubus who has the power to stop whole armies single handedly.

Knowing James' reluctance and desire for a life of more freedom and time, his brothers began making contact with the human world. With the help of Mika's grandfather, all of the brothers gained access to the human world. There, Mika's grandfather assisted the incubi with settling in to their new lives until his death.

Seduce Me the Otome[]

After Sam kisses Mika, Erik flirts and kisses Mika in order to prove that they are incubi. James notices the bruise on Mika's cheek and escorts her to dinner. Mika has the option of telling him why she lives alone. The next day he helps her prepare for her housewarming party by helping out in the garden. While cleaning they have a romantic talk about taking care of flowers like taking care of people. Before the dinner party, James asks Mika if she is ready.

If the player is going down his route, the next day Mika has the option of finding James in the library. They discuss the book he was reading and how incubi need to feed off of energy. Mika asks if he needs energy. As she notices that he needs energy, he doesn't clarify, nor deny that he needs it before she kisses him, giving him her energy.

Mika then passes out after a heated make-out session and later on wakes up to a written note by James excusing himself for "going too far" when they kissed.

The morning after, James confronts Mika, explaining that his true name is Raestrao and that if she was in any danger, that she could call out that name and that he'd arrive without question to aid her.

When Eris and Malix kidnap Mika and take her to an abandoned warehouse, Mika is given the option to call out James' true name. She calls out for him and soon enough he appears, already furious about Malix targeting her.

Afterwards, Malix runs away. At home James tries to excuse himself for what he did at the warehouse before Mika cuts him off, telling him that it was okay before he brings her to her bedroom.

The night after, Diana - a pureblooded succubus - makes her entrance in the game, introducing herself to Mika before disappearing in the night just to reappear in the morning.

That day at school, the succubus appears at Mika's school, pretending to be one of the teachers throughout the day. When Mika gets back home, all of the incubi brothers assemble in her room and Damien shows her a vision of the demon world, revealing a scene of the Demon Lord and an imp servant discussing an arranged marriage with a powerful succubus (Diana) and then show her another scene of them as children playing and teasing each other before being told off by their father. The last vision that is shown to her is when all five of them decide and agree on leaving the demon world for good after finding out about the supposed marriage that is set to occur.

Mika then goes to sleep in order to regain her energy after Damien accidentally takes too much of her energy by showing her their past, and eventually wakes up to James, who greets her by expressing guilt for putting her in danger of devils and a succubus and also for taking her energy before. Mika asks to see his past, which he shows to her using the flower he used earlier.

James reveals he was a demon prince. He was brought up and trained as a prince. As the favored son, he didn't get a lot of free time. He eventually decided to run away with his brothers. As it's night time, James tells her to sleep before wandering off downstairs to make dinner. Mika hears Diana's chuckles from a distance which instantly makes her feel nervous and influences her to get out of bed to see what's happening.

While Mika is peeking in at a scene between Diana and James unfolding in the library, she overhears the succubus offer him the gift of being the next Demon Lord, of which he refuses. When Mika barges in and lashes out at Diana after she badmouths her, she declares her love for James, surprising both of the demons.

After her confession, James also lets her in on his feelings, revealing that he reciprocates them.

Defeated, Diana leaves through a purple portal, leaving James and Mika alone in their own company. The character is presented with two options, one being,"Hold me" in which James and Mika cuddle in bed, and "Seduce Me" in which they have sex for the first time.

True Ending R

Diana visits that night and offers eternal happiness. At the end of Jame's route, months or even years after Seduce Me The Otome takes place, we're given a scene with James in the dining room where James proposes to Mika. 

Seduce Me Episode: A Lesson In Romance[]

MC finds James in the library reading a VERY spicy book, then she starts to ask James what turned him on. Things get very heated.

Seduce Me 2: The Demon War []

James' Routes[]

The route starts off with a conversation between an unknown female demon and an angel. The she-demon requests for a "stone destiny" in a last attempt to save the Abyssal Planes from the Demon Lord and she was willing to offer her life force to it. The angel apparently agrees and the scene shift with Mika in a medieval jail cell. She is confused as to why and how she got there. She also notices a cloaked figure in the cell next to hers. Her musings are interrupted when James makes an appearance, his eyes all aglow and cruel. James enters her cell and enthralls her which prompted the cloaked figure to lunge at him. The cloaked figure turns out to be Diana. She screams at him not to touch Mika, digging her nails into his skin which angered James. He summons his golden pistol and shoots her, it is presumed that Diana died on this encounter as James stated that Mika would have to give him twice the energy he needs now.

Mika screams, waking James who was asleep beside her in their bed in the mansion. It turns out that it was all a dream but it shook her to her core, making her scream at James to get away from her. After telling him why she acted that way, she calmed down in James' embrace. The player then gets the option if Mika gets intimate with James or not.

The next day, James leaves for work and Mika calls up Carrie, Sam's wife. She asks her over for a girl's day out and Carrie agrees. When she arrives, Mika tells her about her dream about James and Carrie suggests that they ask the cards on why she was given such a dream. The three cards were the Wheel of Fortune, Justice and the King of Swords. Mika realizes with horror that the King of Swords was very much alike with James' demon form and Carrie remarks that it wasn't supposed to look that way. Upon that statement, all the other cards in the deck started flying all over, getting split in the middle before falling on the floor. When Mika inspects the split cards, she was horrified to see that it was the Lovers, except this time, both of the lovers were weeping and looked very much like Mika and James reaching for each other across the split gap. Carrie comforts Mika by saying that the cards weren't always definite and they can be wrong.

On the day of her wedding, Mika decides to get ready by herself in the mansion and was once more plagued by her dream about James.

True Ending[]
Bad Ending 1[]
Bad Ending 2[]


James's unique ability is very fast learning. He can also summon a golden pistol. James can create golden-red flames and a golden sword though the sword and flames come through extreme anger. He also can use some pure demon magic such as a mind barrier which can protect your dreams and thoughts from being invaded by unwanted creatures such as angels.

James can also make a "pretty decent pesto." He prepares it for the main character when they first meet and again at the end of his story.

He can be summoned when someone calls his demon name, Raestrao, despite not being nearby.

Additional Information[]

He Favors/Prefers:[]

  • Color: Yellow/Gold
  • Genre of Music: Classical
  • Instrument (If Played): Violin
  • Season: Fall
  • Adult Drink: Scotch
  • Pet: Cats
  • Dog: Doberman
  • Games: Strategy Games (Escapists, Tycoon, War Strategy, etc.)
  • Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Candy Types: Peppermint
  • Desserts/Sweets: Lava Cake and Silk Pie
  • Tea or Coffee: Tea
  • Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
  • DC or Marvel: Neither
  • Carnival Ride: Ferris Wheel
  • Disney Movie: Mulan
  • Studio Ghibli Movie: Princess Mononoke
  • Pizza Topping: Classic Pepperoni
  • Food: Italian (same as his brothers)
  • Shares Room With: Erik
  • Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
  • Smell: Subtly of Lilacs
  • Second Language: Italian
  • Sleeping Position: On his back
  • Pet Peeve: Major Sloppiness
  • Hogwarts House: Gryffindor [3][4]

For the Lovers:[]

He prefers his lover to be intellectual and not ashamed of being submissive. His favorite part of the female body are the breasts and his favorite sex position is up against a wall. His erogenous zone is the collarbone. He is into BDSM, with him as the dom, and the Master and Slave/Servant roleplay. The most ridiculous place he would have sex in would be an office on the highest floor of a skyscraper.


  • He has been to Italy, Germany, France, England, Japan, Taiwan, and Brazil with his brothers, before meeting Mika.
  • To hide something from Damien's mind-reading, he would think of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.
  • He is the main brother teaching Damien to read and often read to him in his mind back in the Abyssal Plains.
  • The unknown female demon who set the stone destiny was his own mother