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Matthew is the fourth incubus brother and is voiced by Ethan Nakashima. He is described to be "The Child" of the bunch. He appears in Seduce Me the Otome, Seduce Me Episodes, and Seduce Me 2: The Demon War as a potential love interest and pursue-able character.


Matthew is 5’6"[1] and has a lean frame with some defined muscles. His hair is short and wavy black, fading to blue hairs close to his neck. His eyes are baby blue.

Matthew uses potion glamour to appear as a human. In this form, his horns and Lilith demon armor are hidden.

Seduce Me the Otome[]

He wears a yellow/tan hoodie over a large light blue T-shirt with a white skull and crossbones design. The shirt has a high collar and a deep, slender V-neck.

Seduce Me 2: The Demon War[]

his yellow/tan hoodie has armor-like pauldrons. His shirt swaps base and design colors so that the shirt is white and the skull and crossbones is blue. The shirt does not have a high-collar, but retains the deep and slender V-neck. He wears jeans and no shoes.

Matthew’s true form reveals his deep blue horns and demon markings. He does not wear clothes in this form.


Matthew is described as optimistic and playful. Although he isn't the youngest, he is treated as a child by most everyone. He indeed acts childishly, but shows great maturity when the time calls for it

He wants to prove to everyone that he can handle himself and that he is a grown man. Even if he is in trouble, Matthew will avoid telling anyone (especially his brothers) to try and fix the issue himself. He is very prideful in this regard.

He always thinks on the bright side of things and would do anything to make the MC happy.

Matthew is sometimes timid when making love, but becomes more dominant throughout.


Pre-Seduce Me[]

He was a noble son in the Abyssal Plains, he had his brothers and orb mother Aezera and Demon Lord father. Demon Servant treated him with disrespect and like a child which, would enrage him and make him want to hurt the ugly pig fawn. He made toys for his mother to cheer her up when she cried since she became easily jealous of the other mothers, and because her son was unlikely to claim the throne. With his mother's guidance, Zecaeru studied the blade and everything Raestrao had learned so that he would be ready to inherit the throne should the opportunity arise. One day, he and Izroul got in contact with Warlock Harold Anderson and they were enchanted with learning about the Human World. One day, enough was enough and Zecaeru and his brothers escaped to the human world with Harold's help through a portal spell.

Upon arriving in the Human World, Harold gave Zecaeru and his brothers new identities and papers to start new lives. Harold gave him the name Matthew and provided his last name, Anderson

Matthew and his brothers traveled the human world for six months before they accidentally invaded Malix' territory on the way to Harold Anderson's estate after losing connection with him and were attacked by Malix and other devils.[2]

Seduce Me the Otome[]

Matthew's Route[]

Before dinner, Matthew makes Mika a doll that turns out a little creepier than intended. Matthew reveals that he helped make dinner. The next day he helps her prepare for her housewarming party by working in the kitchen. Mika accidentally gets something on her face which Matthew brushes off.

If the player is going down his route, the next day Mika has the option of finding Matthew in the dining room hiding from his creepy doll. Mika can join the hunt in finding the "doll" Simon. Suddenly the lights turn off and Matthew falls on top of Mika. As she notices he needs energy, he doesn't clarify, nor deny that he needs it before she kisses him, giving him her energy.

Mika then passes out after a heated makeout session and later on wakes up to a written note by Matthew, excusing himself for "going too far" when they kissed.

The morning after, Matthew confronts Mika, explaining that his real name is Zecaeru and that if she was in any danger, that she could call out that name and that he'd arrive without question to aid her.

When Eris and Malix kidnap Mika and take her to an abandoned warehouse, Mika is given the option to call out Matthew's real name. She calls out for him and soon enough he appears, already furious about Malix targeting her.

Afterward, Malix's remains are covered by a sheet soaked with blood. At home Matthew tries to excuse himself for what he did at the warehouse before Mika cuts him off, telling him that it was okay before he brings her to her bedroom.

The night after, Diana - a pure-blooded succubus - makes her entrance in the game, introducing herself to Mika before disappearing in the night just to reappear in the morning.

That day at school, the succubus appears at Mika's school, pretending to be one of the teachers throughout the day. When Mika gets back home, all the incubi brothers assemble in her room and show her a vision of the demon world, revealing a scene of the Demon Lord and an imp servant discussing an arranged marriage with a powerful succubus (Diana) and then show her another scene of them as children playing and teasing each other before being told off by their father. The last vision that is shown to her is when all five of them decide and agree on leaving the demon world for good after finding out about the supposed marriage that is set to occur.

Mika then goes to sleep in order to regain her energy after Damien accidentally takes too much of her energy by showing her their past, and eventually wakes up to Matthew, who greets her by expressing guilt for putting her in danger of devils and a succubus and also for taking her energy before. Mika asks to see his past, which he shows to her using

Matthew reveals they were once nobles and that he really cared for and tried to make his mother happy. A servant tears him down because he wasn't the firstborn son. Therefore he wasn't allowed to sit on the throne and there was no need for him to learn how to read, even though he knew how.

As it's night time, Matthew tells her to sleep before wandering off downstairs to make dinner. Mika hears Diana's chuckles from a distance which instantly makes her feel nervous and influences her to get out of bed to see what's happening.

While Mika is peeking in at a scene between Diana and Matthew unfolding in the kitchen, she overhears the succubus offer him the gift of being the next Demon Lord, of which he refuses. When Mika barges in and lashes out at Diana after she badmouths her, she declares her love for Matthew, surprising both of the demons.

After her confession, Matthew also lets her in on his feelings, revealing that he reciprocates them. Defeated, Diana leaves through a purple portal, leaving Matthew and Mika alone in their own company. The character is presented with two options, one being "Hold Me" in which Matthew and Mika cuddle in bed, and "Seduce Me" in which they have sex for the first time.

True Ending R

Diana visits that night and offers eternal happiness. At the end of Matthew's route, months or even years after Seduce Me The Otome takes place, we're given a scene in the kitchen. They play a 3 guessing game and Simon Tabby splashes the food covering Matthew and Mika.

Seduce Me Episode: Simon's Revenge[]

In the episode, the player is walking around the house ans spots Matthew yelling at Simon, their pet that Matthew created when the player met Matthew in the first Seduce me. It is explained that Simon likes to torment Matthew, but obeys the players orders and is very kind and loving towards the player, like a real pet would.

Simon has done something to upset Matthew but the player does not know what it is. Eventually Matthew gets so frustrated to the point of his gold eyes and blue energy show, shocking the player. Matthew chases Simon with the player not far behind. After Simon eats a cake, Matthew falls down to his knees in a mixture of defeat and saddness. The player has no idea what is happening and is very confused.

Matthew and the player take a break to The Pink Lady Cafe where Matthew explains that he was going to propose to the player by baking a ring in a cake, but Simon ate the cake. The two laugh it off and enjoy their time together at The Pink Lady Cafe.

Seduce Me 2: The Demon War[]

Matthew's Route[]

True Ending[]
Bad Ending 1[]
Bad Ending 2[]


As Matthew is a Demon of Lilith, he feeds from sexual energy in order to live and cast spells such as enthralling. The enthralling spell strongly influences his target to feel warm, fuzzy and vulnerable to do as he wills. Using this spell give his irises a golden glow.

His unique ability is to conjure an item, up to the size of his baggy jean pockets.

Matthew is proficient with knives in combat, skilled enough to turn his opponent into an unrecognizable heap of flesh. He is able to summon knives whenever he wishes.

He has the ability to read, but has not displayed it in front of his brothers, as well a being good at art.

He can be summoned when someone calls his demon name, Zecaeru, despite not being nearby.

Additional Information[]

He Favors/Prefers:[]

  • Color: Blue
  • Genre of Music: Pop/Electronic
  • Instrument (If Played): Saxophone/Trumpet
  • Season: Summer
  • Adult Drink: Rum & Coke
  • Pet: Rabbits and Dogs (between a cat or a dog)
  • Dog: Corgi
  • Games: Five nights at Freddy's
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Candy Types: Gummies
  • Desserts/Sweets: Pudding, Cake and other baked goods
  • Tea or Coffee: Tea
  • Pepsi or Coke: Coke
  • DC or Marvel: Marvel
  • Carnival Ride: Rollercoaster
  • Disney Movie: Alice In Wonderland
  • Studio Ghibli Movie: My Neighbor Totoro
  • Pizza Topping: Pepperoni Lover
  • Food: Italian (same as his brothers)
  • Shares Room With: Damien
  • Smell: Subtly of Tulips
  • Second Language: Chinese
  • Sleeping Position: On his side
  • Pet Peeve: Sam
  • Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw [3][4]

For the Lovers:[]

Matthew prefers his lover to see him as a man, but also see him as a fun boy a well. His erogenous zone is right underneath the chin. His favorite part of the female body are the hands. His favorite positions to have sex in are doggy style and "the cat". He is into Kitty Play (with him as the master). The most ridiculous place he would have sex in would be in a park.


  • Compared to his brothers, he is the quietest yet most playful in bed.
  • He has been to Italy, Germany, France, England, Japan, Taiwan, and Brazil with his brothers, before meeting Mika.
  • To hide something from Damien's mind reading, he would think of the song 'Barbie Girl'.
  • Of the brothers, he is the best at cuddles and has the softest lip.
  • Of all the persuadable characters, he is the worst dancer (from a lack of rhythm).