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Backstory: Mrs. Gordon may seem like a normal teachers, however at night she is the general in the demon kings army. She holds the dark power ofmattermaniupulation which she uses to murder and kill her students to drain their lifeforce. There is a planned spin of game where you play as 'young Ms. Gordon during her days of conquest of the abyssal plane. This spin of is planned for May 19th 2021 and it will be calld "Gordon: the rise of a hero." The creators of Seduce Me have said there will be 7 romancable characters, the ones you dont date will die however. This is a liaked image:

Trivia: Her first name is Elaine

In Game: She pretends to beteacher but she not, it is hinted thT she is working with Diana and Malix and Eris to take down Mika and the Demon Boys. Be carefyl