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Noryn is a side character that appears in Seduce Me 2: The Demon War. She's Matthew's wife when the player chooses to play any route where Mika Anderson is not married to Matthew.


A head of short, fluffy black hair buzzes around enthusiastically, breathing in the sights of the new world. Standing at 5'3", she sweeps her bangs to her left side, out of her dark as night eyes as she readjusts her wine-colored glasses. She grins a signature toothy smile, wearing her expressions easily. Noryn spins on the heel of her black short boots towards you with electric energy, her League of Legends jacket flaring with her turn. You hear a twinkle of her bell bracelet on her right wrist as she reaches out for your hands, the solid shine of the jade bracelet on her left wrist catching your eye.

“It’s not cold here! I wonder if I can find a change of clothes though… I stick out here way more than I usually do.” You glance at her clothes; she’s wearing a winter palette of colors: blacks, white and grays with bright splashes of greens, blues and yellows. “I hope it doesn’t get too warm… I wore leggings today,” she sighed as she fanned out her short skirt.


Infectious, genuine, and energy-driven summarizes her personality. Those meeting her for the first time see her as an independent senior or grad student since she does things with efficiency and by herself, but really she’s running with low energy during the day. She’d always rather sleep through the morning, and she wouldn’t talk or interact with anyone when she’s in her morning daze.

Only after around noon does she recharge from her night-owl habits, and her upswing of electric energy comes with an excitement and fascination with nearly anything that crosses her path. Noryn is very bubbly and enthusiastic to volunteer or to try out new things with those close to her, such as treating them out to restaurants, going to the occasional concert, or introducing new games to her friends. This might be what someone would call an infectious personality, as she tends to put herself out into the open first, and settles into friendly teasing and flirting quickly. Over time her mannerisms and sayings become part of her friends’ vocabularies, and her obsessive interests quickly become her group’s fascinations as well.[1]