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Well, how am I supposed to move around now? I'm too big now! - Human Simon to Diana

Simon Tabby is a side character that appears in Seduce Me the Otome. He is a Toy Demon that possesses a stuffed rabbit.[1] Simon was created by Matthew in Seduce Me the Otome as a gift to Mika Anderson. He has the abilities to take on a human form at will.


Simon Tabby is a doll that look like a squirrel, has white fur, red beady eyes and is very fluffy. But as a human he has white hair, pale skin and red eyes.


Simon Tabby initially comes off as comically rude, in which he does not thank Diana for her 'opening the door' to his human form and even calls her weird. In his toy rabbit form, he is mischievous and seems to find enjoyment in giving Matthew a scare. He does not like being found, or being too big to be found easily.

Simon also seems to indirectly push Mika and Matthew's relationship further should the player be on Matthew's route, from making it difficult to find him in the kitchen cupboards to exploding the cake Matthew had made for his and Mika's anniversary.


Pre-Seduce Me[]

Simon Tabby does not exist until the events of Seduce Me, but he is not the first toy that Matthew had created.

Seduce Me the Otome[]

[Matthew's route]

 He is a simple cameo should the player be on Matthew's route, though indirectly giving Matthew and Mika a chance to push their relationship further at times. He was only seen once after he was created, but during the story he'd remain hidden far from Matthew or committing any sorts of chaos.[]


He can change from his original form to human at will. Diana was the one to give him that power.


  • Mika Anderson is the one to name him Simon Tabby.


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